Saturday, August 30, 2008

Western Kentucky vs Indiana Liveblog

Welcome to Defend The Rock's inaugural liveblog for the 2008-2009 season for Indiana sports!

Will the Hoosiers be able to stop the Hilltoppers formidable rushing attack? Will Austin Starr kick one out of Memorial Stadium? Will the Big Ten Network manage to blow the coverage of this game somehow?

All the answers shall be revealed shortly. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the live blog, because anyway, it's not like you could be outside playing some sports for yourself.

10:58: Go figure, all the channel listings are screwed up, courtesy of Comcast or the Big Ten Network, or both. Betting that the games keep switching channels throughout the day, because honestly, it would just make sense...

11:02: Apparently Kellen Lewis "bought into his own hype" and became full of himself. I guess things like that will happen when you're the best QB your team has had in years. Sounds like he got over his "pity parties" and now enjoys playing Xbox with teammates, awesome. I wonder what his name is on XboxLive?

11:05: God I love having a good kicker.

11:09: Commentator on Kellen Lewis "He's a Heisman candidate" -- Awesome

11:15: So far we're all happy with IU's tackling today. It's still early, but so far so good. Improvement from last year is required. And Phillips screws us on a sack by Murando.

11:21: Wow, I called out a 90 yard TD run for Lewis at the start of this series and others in attendance said "you know he'll break it out at some point". I guess he decided that'd be a little too far, and opted for just 75 yards. But in the end, it's good for us.

11:27: Beautiful sack. Who's Gred Middleton?

11:30: "You guys need to get out of here. You guys need to get away from Jersey Boys"

11:32: What the hell type of play was that? I guess 2 yards are 2 yards...

11:39: First opportunity for Starr to start his run on a perfect season on Field's in! 1-1.

11:41: What the fuck is going on with this network coverage. The Big Ten Network/Comcast keeps going to commercial in the middle of plays. This is horrible.

11:50: Sidenote on commericals: These ads for Lincoln Car insurance are terrible, but we are quickly becoming obsessed with them. We're pretty sure the women in them are real life prostitutes.

11:51: Andrew Means...two sport star.

11:57: Ben Chappell is in the game. At least he didn't throw an INT.

11:59: Awesome, now the IU game is no longer on any of the Big Ten Network channels. Great...

12:04: Just for the record, the IU game is still gone from the TV listings, but we do have 3 channels of Ohio St and 2 channels of Penn State. What the hell.

12:10: On Megan West: D: 1338, I: 0363, P: 1352, A: 1347.

12:11: Man, that was a total video game play by Lewis. Poor cameraman.

12:18: Sorry, we got distracted by Kige Ramsey.

12:20: This punter is ridiculous. Seems like every time he hits w/i the 20.

12:22: Well, these aren't really the plays we'd like to see with the half winding down. Plus Fisher is injured, so not quite the best way to crawl towards the end of the half.

12:30: Can't complain too much about the results heading into the half. Would like to have seen some more down field passes and fewer screens. But so far so good for the first game of the season.

12:49: Nice play by the defense to get the ball right back.

12:42: So Kellen Lewis is the record holder for IU with 43 touchdowns through the air. Good for Kellen, but man, that record number is sad.

12:45: Second thoughts on Megan West: D: 1148, I: 0363, P: 1252, A: 1137.

12:55: Got distracted by trying to figure out pizza to order. God, why is it so complicated?

12:57: Good job stopping 'em with just a FG. 17-3.

1:16: Good to know we're not blowing out a newly instated Division I team (yet?)...

1:20: Consensus here is NOT Thigpen for RB.

1:24: Ah, that's a patented James Hardy play....except it's Belcher...hopefully he can keep it up.

1:32: "She looks like a that blonde band leader muppet."

1:42: Another long (62YD) rushing TD for Kellen. Heisman Watch.

1:53: Ben Chappell does not look good/comfortable at all. Yet somehow he completed that pass.

1:57: Last play as Ben Chappell flails around, all of us in unison "Ooooh noo! Ooh no! Oooh no!"

1:59: Good to see kicker turned safety turned punter Joe Kleinsmith come in and actually give the Hoosiers good punt.

2:02: This commentator continues to amaze. Expressing facts (time/score) as "feelings." Man.

2:05: We have determined Ben Chappell's nickname: Beck Chappell (like Beck Chapel on IU's campus).

2:08: That's a winner! Good start to the season.