Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ben Chappell

So as we here at Defend The Rock have discussed often, we were the first Kellen Lewis fans. At any given IU game it would be us yelling "Put in the freshmen," and we started the original Kellen Lewis facebook group, "You Tell 'em Kellen, #15 For Quarterback." Needless to say with his ascension, and subsequent success we were thrilled. And needless to say, with his indefinite suspension we were extremely disappointed and disenchanted.

So now as all of you know, Sophomore Ben Chappell will be starting for the Hoosiers in their new look no-huddle offense. As you may recall, Ben Chappell received the brunt of our ire last season when we attended the Northwestern game and he saw fit to throw an interception in his only play of the game, the play which in turn cost us the game.

I'll be honest, I don't like Ben Chappell, I don't trust Ben Chappell, but this Hoosier fan will be rooting for him to take command of this team and put up some victories. This is very similar to my innate dislike for Blake Powers, but for whom I found myself rooting for with the chant "Throw some shit to Hardy!" and hey, it worked out, kinda, for a season.

So Ben, here's to a good first season as the starting QB of the Hoosiers, no matter how much it may disturb my fellow Defend The Rockers (and even me for that matter), Ben Chappell, I've got your back, now go make Kellen Lewis wish he never got suspended by being twice the QB he ever was!
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Basketball Leaders

So there will a complete write up on the Indiana Men's Basketball season up within the next few days. For now there is this list of team leaders in all sorts of tasty stat categories:

Games Played-- D.J. White and Lance Stemler (33)
Starts-- D.J. White (33)
Minutes Played-- Eric Gordon (1110)
Minutes Average-- Eric Gordon (34.7)
Field Goals-- D.J. White (216)
Field Goals Attempted-- Eric Gordon (425)
Field Goal Percentage-- D.J. White (60.5%)
Three-Point Field Goals-- Eric Gordon (70)
Three-Point Field Goals Attempted-- Eric Gordon (208)
Three-Point Field Goal Percentage-- Armon Bassett (45.4%)
Free Throws-- Eric Gordon (231)
Free Throws Attempted-- Eric Gordon (277)
Free Throw Percentage-- Armon Bassett (83.9)
Rebounds-- D.J. White (341-10.3 average)
Assists-- Jamarcus Ellis (108-3.38 average)
Blocks-- D.J. White (54-1.64 average)
Steals-- Jamarcus Ellis (47, 1.47 average) Points-- Eric Gordon (669, 20.9 average)
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