Saturday, December 30, 2006

A New Place To Drink (and watch/talk IU)

For those residents of the Windy City, an all new IU Sports Bar will be opening its doors fairly soon up in Lakeview (January 1st). Located near Sheffield and Oakdale (2934 N. Sheffield Ave.), The Kirkwood Bar & Grill will be catering to IU and Nebraska(?) fans.

See y'all there!


As for the game tonight, the Hoosiers take on Ball State, sporting a nifty 18-1 series lead. Last year we crushed 'em 80-56. Here's hoping we see the early season/IUPUI game Lance Stemler tonight and not the Lance Stemler who wasn't so hot for a while. Also, let's see if Earl Calloway keeps up his latest gig of being the leader of this team. I don't make predictions (for the most part) on Defend The Rock, merely suggestions, so here goes:

Let's beat them Cardinals!
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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Defend The Rock Gets Endorsed By A World Record Holder and Breaks An Exclusive Story!

How many IU Sports blogs can say they have been endorsed by a World Record holder? In fact how many blogs in general can say that? Well, at least one!

That's right, Defend The Rock has been officially endorsed by Aaron Waltke, the official world record holder in the category of "Extreme T-Shirt Wearing." His official statement:

"Defend the Rock has my official seal of approval as the premiere unofficial IU Sports column..."

Also, Aaron is pleased to announce, in a Defend The Rock exclusive that:

"I would also like to announce my official candidacy for next year's basketball team. If they want me, they can have me. I will await the University's response with baited breath."

For more info on Aaron Walke please reference this earlier post.
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Monday, December 25, 2006


Devoted readers,
I am headed to D.C. from the 25th up until late on the 29th. I will attempt to update Defend The Rock if possible. There are many games and stat categories to be added to the stat matrix, so hopefully that will get done during this time. Have a safe and happy holidays everyone!
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