Thursday, August 28, 2008

ITWCT: Western Kentucky Hilltoppers Edition

The first team that will be covered in our new series If These Walls Could Talk, just so happens to be the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers.

So just who are these guys? We've chose three Hilltoppers that we think you should know more about beyond their stats.

#7 WR Quinterrance Cooper
Favorite Music:
"Anthing Bangin"
Favorite Movie:
Favorite TV: BET (But he admittedly does not have enough TV time due to his excessive use of his computer.)
Relationship Status: Single. But watch out guys, he's just looking for love from the ladies. "no homos."

#78 RG Austin Chestnut aka A/C

Are you a single woman looking for a companion? Then A/C may just be cool enough for you. A Taurus, he's open to dating and serious relationships. Can you imagine a nice night at home, starting off with a romantic dinner to the tunes of Lil' Wayne, followed by a classic cuddle movie like 300? Then A/C would be the perfect date, and don't worry if you're thinking long term--he's got good genes, as A/C proudly declares himself: "There aint nothin but ballers in my family."

A self described military brat and Christian, Orlando has moved around a lot in his life, but has always been grounded by his spirituality and the presence of family and friends in his life. Unfortunately at the moment Orlando's mother is deployed in Iraq, and we here at Defend The Rock, send our best wishes to her and the entire Misaalefua family, and hope she returns home quickly and safely.

So there you have it, a little bit more about a few players lining up against our Hoosiers this Saturday. Enjoy the game, because this time, it's personal.